Training Schedule

Our 2016 training classes will be held at our three Pacific Northwest training facilities;

-Sisters, Oregon (map),

-Albany, Oregon (map),

-Pendleton, Oregon (map):


Quality training is essential to our long term success.  Please come prepared and ready to learn.   All advanced classes require your site managers approval.  So, if you find a an advanced class you are interested in you can secure the registration password from your site manager.

GFP Employees see Start Time indicated upon registration. The first day of RT-130 and S-130/S-190 Entry Level will involve the completion of our employment paperwork and orientation.

Non-GFP Employees start at 0930 hours on the first day of RT-130 and S-130/S-190 Entry Level. Remaining class days will begin at 0800 hours.

For all other courses EVERYONE will start class as indicated upon registration. All Pack-tests (WCFT’s) will be conducted at 1600 hours following Annual Refresher and Entry Level training.