GFP Base Camp Facilities

Catastrophe Management

The most basic things we take for granted every day.  A safe place to sleep.  A hot shower.  A fortifying meal. The technology to connect with friends/family and conduct business.

When catastrophe strikes, the availability of these necessities falters. Just at the time when reliance on them heightens.

GFP Enterprises mobilizes and manages full service base camps to help overcome the disruption caused by catastrophe. Yes, we own a lot of equipment. But more importantly, we possess the Incident Management training and experience to deliver world class service to our customers.

We have the capacity to care for up to 20,000 people. Typically we care for groups of 50 up to 2,000 per camp. We often have many camps active simultaneously serving as:

• First Responder Base Camps
• Displaced/Mass Care Camps
• Reconstruction Team Base Camps
• Evacuation Shelters
• Special Needs Shelters
• Comfort Stations

Our Incident Command Leadership protocols ensure we deliver safety, performance and professionalism in the toughest of times.