Fire Suppression – Private Lands

Fire DevastationGFP can reduce the wildland fire risk on your land and defend it when fire strikes.

Over the past ten years, the incidence and severity of wildfires in the West have grown dramatically while public firefighting resources have shrunk. Landowners have faced ever-increasing fire-related financial losses for two primary reasons:

  1. Inadequate preparation by landowners in reducing fuels and performing essential risk mitigation procedures on the property prior to the start of fire season, and
  2. Insufficient availability of public resources during major fire events.

GFP Emergency offers risk mitigation and response services that reduce the wildland fire risk on your property and defend your land and structures when fire strikes.

Through our interagency firefighting experience, our crew members have witnessed thousands of acres of private forest and range land and hundreds of homes burned because of inadequate preparation for fire, and a lack of available public resources. The solution GFP offers at-risk landowners, homeowners associations and local communities is a fire prevention and initial attack firefighting service dedicated to protecting the property using qualified GFP personnel, equipment and logistical support, not dependent on state and federal resources but acting in concert with those agencies as appropriate.

Service Offering

GFP’s service includes several components, each of which helps to reduce fire risk and respond quickly to fires when they occur:

  1. Planning & Preparation – pre-event planning, working with the land-owner’s personnel, if any, to better understand how to prevent and combat fires.
  2. Fuel Reduction – brush clearing, tree thinning to correct silvicultural practices, pruning, hand piling, and road maintenance during the off-season and, as appropriate given fire conditions, during down time during fire season.
  3. Initial Attack –pre-positioning and deploying qualified firefighting personnel and equipment so that immediate response is effective and available.